Corporate Development Policies

To achieve our growth and expansion objectives the company’s strategic policies tends towards the use of these growth strategies:
  • Direct foreign investment: Investors windosw is needed to achieve expansion and rapids grout.
  • Merger: We can merge with companies with similar philosophy and allied products and services.
  • Partnership: we can also partner with companies when we are convinced the partnership will bring about the 2+2 = 5 effects (synergy).
  • Affiliates: affiliates is one of such strategies that will enable us achieve significant presence and influence in other global economies. We welcome afilliates from any part of the world who intends having stake in our business through affiliate.


In order to ensure one operation remain consistently profitable and so create further wealth for the stakeholders, we must explore and develop business opportunities locally and internationally for the purpose of expanding our revenue base or profile, using credible partnership and extensive marketing that is discovering new business opportunities and develop businesses already in the pipeline. Furthermore, we will ensure all our operational activities and business engagements are cost-effective.


We recognize the fact that the health, safety, security of our staff and the protection of the environment is paramount. It is our policy to enforce safety and security regulations within the company premises and sites. In so doing we try as much as possible to make sure employees are aware of these regulations and we invest in projects and programs that will promote healthy work environment.


It is the company policy that there will be no discrimination in considering applications and employment for persons. All employees are given equal opportunity to develop their potentials and knowledge and to qualify for promotion in furtherance of their careers. The company policy is to keep employees informed regarding the company’s performance and progress and seek their views wherever practicable on matters which particularly affect them as employees.


Our local content policy encourages the use and development of local manpower as much as possible.


We recognize the fact that we live and work in the communities where our operations are based, and so try as much as possible to establish cordial relationship with our host communities and take our responsibilities to the society seriously. We consider the environmental impact of our jobs on our host communities and as much as possible make sure we are environmentally friendly. We undertake need base projects or infrastructures that will enhance inclusive growth. We also encourage entrepreneurship among the youths through our economic empowerment programs and local content policy, and also by rendering necessary social assistance projects and payment of compensation where necessary.