Nigeria and other African Countries are endowed with abundance of various solid minerals. It is important to note here that the solid mineral sector of the Nigeria economy has not been fully exploited, so, in the attempt to further diversify the economy and expand its revenue base, emphasis is placed on this sector which will make these minerals easily available for supply. A. E. Prince Nig. Ltd. Has developed source and diversified into mining and trading of the following mineral deposits which can be made available for export to any part of the world where the need arises.

  • Coal
  • Iron ore
  • Limestone


A. E. Prince Nig. Ltd. has significant stake in the deposit of high quality coal that is available in some parts of the country. We are further exploring opportunities to increase our stake in the coal and other mineral deposits listed above in Nigeria and across African Countries in other to ensure ready availability and delivery to our trading partners when the need arises.