A.E PRINCE NIG LTD (AEPNL) provides engineering services to non and oil & gas industry include Valve Maintenance and servicing, electrical instrumentation and calibration, mechanical and electrical works, fabrication, sandblasting & painting, on shore and offshore. . Our comprehensive suite of services has been specifically designed to make your job easier while maintaining a high degree, safety and quality. Our clients' includes major and independent oil and gas producers and non oil & gas sector in Nigeria and west africa AEPNL is a customer oriented engineering service provider, Our business activity is focused primarily on providing our customer with first class products and services that achieve both customers satisfaction and long lasting business relationship. This is a result of our customer satisfaction, focus and high skilled workforce

Valve Maintanace And Services

Electrical instrumentation and calibration

Installation and maintenance of ICT equipments & gadgets.

Waste Management


Fabrication and Sand Blasting