In A. E. Prince Nig. Ltd it is our objectives that define our passion, our drive, our practices, procedures and policies in the attempt to actualize them. Our objectives are put together to direct our path toward achieving the big picture of impacting positively on the African economy, having significant global influence and contributing to the maintenance of the planet earth for man’s continual habitation. Therefore, it is A. E. Prince Nig Ltd. Objective to:
  • Further create wealth for all the shareholders by ensuring consistent profitability of our operations.
  • Impact positively on the African economy and having significant influence globally, by being present (having networks branches across African countries and investing in activities that will attract global recognition, partnership and affiliates.
  • To impact positively in the environment by investing in projects and programs that will promote a healthy environment for man.
  • Be and remain compatible with our environment of business by obeying all existing laws and regulations governing our existence, attending to our corporate social responsibilities, exploiting opportunities, and adjusting to the challenges or threats that may be arising from the total environment of our business.